On 6/21/2009 2:41 AM, Daniel wrote:
> David E. Ross wrote:
>> On 6/20/2009 5:00 PM, Nairda wrote:
> <snip>
>>  Since I
>> use Internet Explorer only to get Windows updates and to check my own
>> Web pages, I have rejected all .NET Framework (and ActiveX) updates.
> Sorry, David! You only use IE to get updates and check your own webpages.
> As you use SM, I suspect your web pages would be more rules complaint 
> than IE would need, so what do you find out by checking your web pages 
> with IE??
> Just interested!
> Daniel

I have found a few instances where my HTML and CSS were compliant but
where the results in IE were not quite what I wanted.  A small change --
still compliant -- made the affected page appear the way I wanted in
both IE and SM.

By the way, the latest W3Schools report now indicates that more people
are now using Gecko browsers than IE.  Of course, the specialized nature
of the W3Schools Web site skews their survey so that it really doesn't
reflect the general audience of Internet users.

David E. Ross

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