David E. Ross wrote:
>By the way, the latest W3Schools report now indicates that
>more people are now using Gecko browsers than IE.
>Of course, the specialized nature of the W3Schools Web site
>skews their survey so that it really doesn't reflect
>the general audience of Internet users.

Well, the number you get depends on whom you ask
--but the trend is clear: folks are tried of
infection-friendly ecosystems; attempts at vendor lock-in;
poor rendering; browsers that are lagging WRT features[1].
[1] WRT the multi-process thing, WebKit-based browsers
(like Google Chrome) and <shudder> Trident-based IE8
are out front of Gecko-based browsers.
...but not being able to BLOCK
bandwidth-hogging/screen-space-wasting junk
is a big negative for those offerings.
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