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"We added this support at the machine level in order to enable the feature for all users on the machine. Seems reasonable right? Well, turns out that enabling this functionality at the machine level,
rather than at the user level means that the “Uninstall” button is
grayed out in the Firefox Add-ons menu because standard users are not
permitted to uninstall machine-level components."

Irresponsible journalism, all too typical in the tech press.  The
techrepublic guy is quoting Brad Abrams' blog entry,
but he neglected to quote this part:

  Update (5/2009):  We just release an update to .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  that makes the firefox plug in a per-user component.  This makes
  uninstall a LOT cleaner.. none of the steps below are required once
  this update is installed.

That update was made to the blog *before* the techreport article was

No browser, including Firefox and SeaMonkey, can protect the user from
anything any app that the user chooses to run with administrative
privileges.  In this case, the app was Windows Update, which a lot of
people trust, but it could have been anything.

Thanks for that Q. Well spotted.
What's the world coming to when you can't even trust M$! (;
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