Mark Hansen schrieb:
On 06/21/09 07:16, stan wrote:
Martin Feitag wrote:
stan schrieb:
Using 1.1.16.  I  go into Preferences within Mail and News. Click Mail
and Newgroups. The options for making SeaMonkey the defaults for mail
and news are not checked. I check them and click on OK. It hangs and
have to shut down.

I am using my new Acer computer, 64 bit, Vista.


Have you tried running SM as with administrative rights? (Being an
administrator is not enough on Vista and above. Right-click on the
shortcut =>  ...)

SM1 is known to have trouble on 64bit Vista/Win7 afaik.
If the hint mentioned above doesn't work, you might want to have a look
at the current SM2.0 alpha.


I don't understand what you mean by  "Right-click on the
  >  shortcut =>  ...)"


He means that you can right-click on the shortcut used to launch
SeaMonkey, and there is an option to run it as administrator (or
something like that - it's been a while since I've seen Vista).
Just select that and you should be asked for the Administrator

Then it will run with Administration rights. If you then make the
setting changes you may have better luck with them working.

Note: I don't know whether or not this is your problem or if this
will work, I'm just interpreting the response for you.

Best of luck.

Yeah, that's what I meant. I'm not having a Vista here either that's why I let out that part in the hope searching for that admin-entry would be easy enough ;-)
Thanks Mark.


PS: Stan if this is an admin-account you're working at, it'S normal that you won't be asked for a password but have to confirm a security dialog anyway.
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