On or about 6/22/2009 6:24 AM, Martin Feitag typed the following:
> Mark Hansen schrieb:
>> On 06/21/09 07:16, stan wrote:
>>> Martin Feitag wrote:
>>>> stan schrieb:
>>>>> Using 1.1.16.  I  go into Preferences within Mail and News. Click Mail
>>>>> and Newgroups. The options for making SeaMonkey the defaults for mail
>>>>> and news are not checked. I check them and click on OK. It hangs and
>>>>> have to shut down.
>>>>> I am using my new Acer computer, 64 bit, Vista.
>>>>> Stan
>>>> Have you tried running SM as with administrative rights? (Being an
>>>> administrator is not enough on Vista and above. Right-click on the
>>>> shortcut =>  ...)
>>>> SM1 is known to have trouble on 64bit Vista/Win7 afaik.
>>>> If the hint mentioned above doesn't work, you might want to have a look
>>>> at the current SM2.0 alpha.
>>>> regards
>>>> Martin
>>> I don't understand what you mean by  "Right-click on the
>>>   >  shortcut =>  ...)"
>>> Stan
>> He means that you can right-click on the shortcut used to launch
>> SeaMonkey, and there is an option to run it as administrator (or
>> something like that - it's been a while since I've seen Vista).
>> Just select that and you should be asked for the Administrator
>> password.
>> Then it will run with Administration rights. If you then make the
>> setting changes you may have better luck with them working.
>> Note: I don't know whether or not this is your problem or if this
>> will work, I'm just interpreting the response for you.
>> Best of luck.
> Yeah, that's what I meant. I'm not having a Vista here either that's why
> I let out that part in the hope searching for that admin-entry would be
> easy enough ;-)
> Thanks Mark.
> Martin
> PS: Stan if this is an admin-account you're working at, it'S normal that
> you won't be asked for a password but have to confirm a security dialog
> anyway.

Works fine here with Windows XP-Pro SE3 fully updated with SM 1.1.17 and
SM 2.0b1.

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