Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Ricardo Palomares Martí­nez wrote:
>> Robert Kaiser wrote:
>>> Downloads for all available platforms and languages:
>> I've noticed that the bouncer behind
>> has directed me to a server that holds just binaries for 1.1.15 and
>> ahead. Since the last update for es-ES langpack was for 1.1.14, no
>> es-ES langpack is available through The link in
>> the Releases page of works OK, I think because
>> it points directly to
> The releases module is always trimmed to the last bunch of releases so
> that a large number of mirrors can easily sync it in a timely manner.
> I get informed of those trims and adjust URLs accordingly.
>> Since we have a link in our localization site to the langpack, would
>> it be polite if I change the URL to too? I
>> could link to our own local copy, but I think it is better if
>> / Seamonkey Council can have as much metrics as possible
>> of downloads.
> We don't get metrics from direct ftp.m.o downloads, but we prefer
> linking there as those servers are highly reliable and well-checked
> for problems.
> Robert Kaiser
To ALL: I did manage to download ver. 1.1.17, but had to make 3
different trys at it! Seems the arrow of the download is NOT the one to
click on to do so, nor the far left "button", only the words of the
download phrase worked! I do not remember it being that much trouble,
before! :-\
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