On 7/1/2009 3:19 AM PT, squaredancer typed:

still not working properly - the "loading bar" can't be re-set to an earlier time than the current running time - that works on the other vids on that site!

Weird. The loading/play bar work for me in SeaMonkey v1.1.17.

yepp - very strange.
This one also "didn't work" on the first time, but did on a second loading:

Just so there's no mistake - I mean that, whilst the yellow bar is loading, I try to click on it to "re-play" from (say) the middle of the loaded yellow bar... the TimeLine doesn't always jump bak to that (previous) time spot!
Some vids work correctly, some don't - strange!

Seems like newer videos have problems than the older ones? That is what I noticed with my situation.
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