> ok, after some experimenting:
> - the machine I don't normally use under linux worked fine after the
> update.  64bit.
> - The laptop - also 64bit - did not.  Then I discovered a newer
> xulrunner in another repository and installed it.  Dependencies meant I
> had to install a new Firefox from the same repository.  It works.
> now I am about to do the same for this 32bit machine.  If I don't report
> back then it worked (or a fallback is in progress!!)

The newest update of mozilla-xulrunner190 does not cut it.  The way I
went was to add the Mozilla Update repository via 'Community
Repositories' and then install mozilla-xulrunner191.
It is initially dependency hell but once you get rid of the 190 packages
it all works out.  As a side-effect, Firefox 3.5 gets installed.

All this is very specific to opensuse but that was what this thread is
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