On Thu, 09 Jul 2009 14:52:52 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:
> Has anyone found a practical way to do this, preferably without running any
> involved Gecko application?
> When all bookmarks depended exclusively on bookmarks.html, it was easy to
> share by simply copying that file from whichever profile was used to maintain
> it to any other profile that wished to use it. It didn't matter if the
> profile was for Firefox or SeaMonkey or some other Gecko.
> Places merged history and bookmarks. As a result, if you delete places.sqlite
> from a profile and copy the bookmarks.html file to that profile in order for
> it to be automatically converted to places format, all history is lost for
> that profile. If instead you copy from a master places.sqlite profile to
> another that desires to use its bookmarks, the original history is replaced
> with that of the profile copied from. Either way, the discrete history of the
> profile copied to is lost.
> Is there any convenient and practical way to share bookmarks without
> destroying history?

Yes. It's called Weave. Unfortunately the Google SoC application for a
student to work on a bookmarks module for SeaMonkey (Firefox bookmarks
are already synced) didn't make the cut.


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