Felix Miata wrote:
I'm talking about multiple Geckos on multiple puters all running at
the same time, and started using a copy of a master bookmarks file
(managed by SM 1.1.x on OS/2).

Point taken. I do find it useful to run browsers on multiple machines at the same time, using the same bookmarks. I have CMD files to distribute from the "master".

I can only guess that someone considered bookmarks and history to be near enough to the same thing that they threw them together. I had not noticed it. I think they should reconsider.

Since OS/2 SM 2X mail is unusable here I haven't been using it. But I just exported the bookmarks from SM Win 2.0b1 to HTML. I got only bookmarks, no history. Presumably that could be imported to another profile. I assume you would have to clear out the bookmarks that were already there. Bit of a bother, aye what?

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