On 2007/28/2009 23:56 (GMT+0200) Martin Feitag composed:

> Felix Miata schrieb:

>> On 2007/14/2009 11:27 (GMT-0500) inva...@invalid.invalid composed:

>>>> Using the Import/Export functionality of the Bookmark Manager maybe?
>>>> Seamonkey allows import export to HTML and so does Firefox afaik.

>>> Exactly!

>> Is there a way to do it without the (FF/SM) application open and navigating
>> menus, similar to what I was able to do by simply copying a file as before?

> You can set the Browser.bookmarks.file in about:config to a specific 
> location. See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.bookmarks.file

For many years I have set a specific bookmarks.html location in advance of
profile creation via user.js for every pre-Gecko 1.9.x profile. The process
you and that URL describe is inapplicable for Gecko 1.9.x profiles, according
to bug 385077.

> FF offers an auto-export pref in about:config for always generating a 
> bookmarks.html I think. Seamonkey always uses boookmarks.html

Exporting from FF is irrelevant to the thread, which is about using one 100%
SM1.1.x-managed bookmarks.html file as the sole basis for a multitude of
other profiles. I don't plan ever to copy bookmarks from any FF profile to
any other profile.

For more than 6 months now the SM devel versions have used places.sqlite
instead of bookmarks.html.
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