On 11/07/09 6:06 PM, Morton wrote:
A so-called computer tech savaged my newer laptop, and I am trying to
put the pieces together. I have many of my e-mail addresses in my older
laptop, SeaMonkey of course. i tried to drag the address book listings
to my CD burner and burn a CD-R, to transfer to my newer laptop. It did
not work,as the address book is apparently not draggable.

Does anyone know the file name of the address book in SeaMonkey? I
thought that if I knew the file name, I could try and gat that file into
my CD-R software. I hesitate to use USB cables to transfer everything.

Any help, or any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.

See <http://seamonkey.ilias.ca/profilefaq/#transferring_addresses>

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