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>> abook.mab
>> See<>
This link/site says:
To restore that data in a new location, open the SeaMonkey address
book window, so SeaMonkey creates it's own abook.mab file. Close
SeaMonkey and replace the newly created abook.mab with your saved one.
To restore additional address books, use the Import menu to import the
LDIF files you saved.

Hi Martin (and Chris),

I have the link, and tried hard to follow it, but I must be doing
something wrong. I tried dragging, transferring, etc., but I cannot move
my abook. to my SeaMonkey address book. I tried copying, and then
pasting, but the "paste" is always grayed out and non-functional.

I would be most grateful if either of you could walk me through the
steps that I must take to get these hundreds of addresses into my
SeaMonkey address book.

Thanks again,


Hello Mort,

you need to open the Seamonkey addressbook-window just once and then close ALL seamonkey windows. It needs to be completely closed.

Afterwards you need to open the directory of your old Seamonkey-profile and copy the abook.mab file. Then paste it into the new profile-folder. All this is done within windows while Seamnkey is closed, not in Seaonkey itself and not while Seamonkey is open as the files would be in use then.
Good luck!


Why don't you just google Mozilla Backup from Jasnapak? and install it on both computers. Then copy the backup file to a thumb drive, CD, DVD or however you want to get the backup file to another computer the restore it to the new computer?

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