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A so-called computer tech savaged my newer laptop, and I am trying to
put the pieces together. I have many of my e-mail addresses in my older
laptop, SeaMonkey of course. i tried to drag the address book listings
to my CD burner and burn a CD-R, to transfer to my newer laptop. It did
not work,as the address book is apparently not draggable.

Does anyone know the file name of the address book in SeaMonkey? I
thought that if I knew the file name, I could try and gat that file into
my CD-R software. I hesitate to use USB cables to transfer everything.

Any help, or any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Chris,
Thanks a lot for the help. I found that my address book is in fact on
my loused-up laptop's hard drive, but I can only find it in narrative
form. I would like to get all the addresses back into my SeaMonkey
address book folder, but cannot figure out how to do it.  As they are
now, they are almost useless. Any further help would be gratefully

Chris already gave you the link!
 >> abook.mab
 >> See<http://seamonkey.ilias.ca/profilefaq/#transferring_addresses>
This link/site says:
To restore that data in a new location, open the SeaMonkey address book window, so SeaMonkey creates it's own abook.mab file. Close SeaMonkey and replace the newly created abook.mab with your saved one. To restore additional address books, use the Import menu to import the LDIF files you saved.

Hi Martin (and Chris),

I have the link, and tried hard to follow it, but I must be doing something wrong. I tried dragging, transferring, etc., but I cannot move my abook. to my SeaMonkey address book. I tried copying, and then pasting, but the "paste" is always grayed out and non-functional.

I would be most grateful if either of you could walk me through the steps that I must take to get these hundreds of addresses into my SeaMonkey address book.

Thanks again,

Hi,When I send you a message, it gets throiugh, but there is an error that prevents a copy from going to my "send" folder. My e-mails to individuals are ok. Any idea what is happening?
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