On 7/14/2009 6:58 AM, J G wrote:
> several times I have noticed that a web page will not display on
> SeaMonkey1.1.17 but it is a good looking web page on Mozilla Firefox
> and the virus magnet MicroBsoft IE. The following link is an example.
> https://wp11.calhfa.ca.gov/ApprovedLenders/Default.aspx
> How can one fix SeaMonkey to make this type of problem go away.

I strongly suspect that SeaMonkey is not broken and therefore requires
no fix.  The page has 50 XHTML errors and 3 CSS errors.  Until those
errors are corrected, you should suspect them to be the cause of your

Do what I did when I saw a similar problem with a different California
state agency.  I determined who was the head of the department over that
agency and sent him a letter (postal, not E-mail).  In the letter, I
cited the URI and that the Web page could not be viewed properly by my
browser.  I mentioned that the page might thus not be viewable with
audio browsers used by the visually handicapped, a violation of
California's Government Code ยง11135(d)(2).  My letter got results in
less than two weeks.

Note that I tried viewing your URI while spoofing Firefox 2 and Firefox
3.  Neither attempt resulted in an improvement in how the page was

David E. Ross

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