On 07/14/2009 07:55 AM, David E. Ross wrote:
> On 7/14/2009 6:58 AM, J G wrote:
>> several times I have noticed that a web page will not display on
>> SeaMonkey1.1.17 but it is a good looking web page on Mozilla Firefox
>> and the virus magnet MicroBsoft IE. The following link is an example.
>> https://wp11.calhfa.ca.gov/ApprovedLenders/Default.aspx
>> How can one fix SeaMonkey to make this type of problem go away.
> I strongly suspect that SeaMonkey is not broken and therefore requires
> no fix.  The page has 50 XHTML errors and 3 CSS errors.  Until those
> errors are corrected, you should suspect them to be the cause of your
> problem.

It displays nicely in SeaMonkey 2.0b1pre & FireFox 3.5, is totally
wacked in 1.1.17, a little flat but ok in Opera, and nicely in Epiphany
(Gnome Web Browser 2.26.1 which uses gecko-1.9 - see
http://projects.gnome.org/epiphany/). So I reckon that 1.1.17 is broken
& recall a bug to this effect but can't put my finger on it just now. I
think it had something to do with css style handling.
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