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since earliest SM 2, Quick Start isn't available. I thought it might
reappear later on, but now b1 is out and still no Quick Start.

Won't this ever come back, and if yes, why?
I don't think so, Firefox doesn't have it so I think SM probably
won't. Firefox 3.5 takes so long to launch, especially with lots of
add-ons & update checks happening, it would be nice to have it but I
don't think we'll see it any day soon (if ever).
That'S why a splashscreen would be nice to indicate the loading of those
Apps (including SM2), because this has been gone since, too.

I hate the SplashScreen ... this is just an annoying picture just
saying: I will be there to show how long SM takes to start ...

Yeah it will say that there is something actually starting, which is a
huge improvement for impatient people trying to click on a samonkey xe
or shortcut again because they think they missed it.
I guess making this an option to be able to disable it would be the
smallest problem of the whole thing...

The best way is that this splash-screen will start immediately showing that the click was successful then 10 seconds later, this splashscreen can be removed automatically. If they cannot do it automatically, they can start an independant windows with a "close" button.
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