You will understand how unknowing I am about computers after reading this message.

I routinely (monthly) backup the two drives (C and E) that are resident on my computer (using Casper 5 software). It has become necessary on more than one occasion to reload only the C portion of the backup back on my system...this most recently occurred when a ca Anti Virus update did bad things to my system. The re installation of the backup has always succeeded in resolving my technical problems in short order. The problem with this process, however, is I lose my mail message for the period between the making of the backup and the day the backup was reinstalled on the system. Thus, I would like to find a way of moving the mail message storage to the E drive, which is used for storage only, and has not been involved in any of the past technical difficulties.

Presently my messages are stored on the C drive as follows:

Documents and Settings>Frog>Mozilla>Profiles>Frog-SeaM>g66n48iz.slt>Mail>Local Folders

When I open Windows Explorer to this location, I find other folders listed under Mozilla as follows:

               Local Folders
               (((and other news groups I visit)))

Now for my question---can this Mozilla folder be moved to the E drive? If so, what happens when I attempt to make future updates to SeaMonkey? Do I have a separate action to take involving the tomtom entry? Is moving this Mozilla folder to the E drive a good or bad idea?

Seamonkey 1.1.17
Windows XP Pro SP3

Thanks for any help/guidance/recommendations/etc. sent my way on the above subject. I hope you your keep answers simple for this old timer.


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