On 8/5/2009 3:02 PM, DoctorBill wrote:
> I frequent a certain Automotive Forum.
> If I am on that forum and go to "work off line" and hang up,
> then come back maybe 30 minutes later, go "online" and redial,
> would that forum still be active - or would I have to re-log in ?
> If my browser is still on that forum does it just continue where
> I left off....
> If that were to work, I could frequent the Forum w/o keeping the
> phone line tied up.
> DoctorBill

Some sites that require a login will record your IP address (e.g., in a
cookie).  From a dial-up connection, you are likely to get a different
IP address when you login again.  This could invalidate your session.

This can be a problem even if you disconnect for just a few seconds.
That is, if your connection dies and you immediately reconnect, you
might get a new IP address and have to login again.

Some sites provide a checkbox on their login page that says something
like "Restrict this session to this IP address".  I never check that box.

David E. Ross

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