On 8/19/2009 5:17 PM, Dick Baker wrote:
> In rebuilding after C: drive crash (FYI: three times in 25 year ain't bad, 
> I suppose, twice caused by misbehaving software, once by lightning strike), 
> SM 1.1.17 (Win XP) is "misbehaving," in that it insists on opening online 
> WAV and MP3 audio files and mpg/mpeg video files "internally," rather than 
> using Windows Media Player, which is my default app for all video & audio 
> files.
> Before the rebuild, it properly invoked WMP for those filetypes, as does 
> the same version of SM on my similarly set-up notebook computer.
> Why the difference?  My notebook shows those three file types in helper 
> apps with the selection "open it using the default application" (which is 
> WMP), but if I try to install them in the new PC install in helper apps, I 
> get "Warning: SM can handle this type internally..."  
> The MozillaZine Knowledge Base says (or at least implies), that only very 
> basic filetypes (standard web graphics formats and text files) are handled 
> inernally [discussing adding new MIME types in Helper Apps]:  
>    The actions you add will not affect MIME types that are handled 
> internally, which include certain MIME types such as image/jpeg or 
> text/plain [3] and all MIME types that are handled by plugins [4]. Before 
> adding a new action for such MIME types, a Warning dialog similar to the 
> following will be displayed:  [the warning about handling this type 
> internally].
> Any suggestions on how I can force SM to use WMP for those audio/video file 
> types?

In some cases, this is not a browser issue.  Instead, it relates to the
sequence in which the applications were installed.

For example, I have both Acrobat (the writer) and Adobe Reader
installed.  For a long time, PDF files on the Web would open in the
writer and not the reader.  In setting up a replacement PC, I installed
Acrobat first and then Adobe Reader.  At that time, the versions of
SeaMonkey, Acrobat, and Adobe Reader were all the same as on the old,
replaced PC.  The problem went away.  I experiemented by removing
Acrobat and Adobe Reader and then reinstalled them, installing Adobe
Reader first and then Acrobat.  The problem reappeared.  I removed just
Adobe Reader and then reinstalled it.  The problem went away.

Thus, in many cases, the last application installed is the one used.

David E. Ross

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