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> Dick Baker schrieb:
>> All true, and I, coincidentally, ran across that same Acrobat/Acrobat
>> Reader issue a while back and solved it the same way you did.
>> BUT that's not the case here.  The only program I installed on the 
>> rebuilt PC that has claimed the .mp3 & .wav & .mpg association is
>> Windows Media Player.  I'd really like to fix this SM anomaly, since
>> its internal player has no utility--no playback controls and, in the
>> case of .mp3 files, no display of the standard mp3 tags.
> Afaik here is no "internal player" in SM. Are you sure you haven'T
> installed VLC with browser-plugin or something similar?
> I never saw SM1.1.x playing a video without a plugin...
> regards
> Martin

I assure you, that's what it does.  When you click on an online MP3 file, 
you get an all black screen with the words "Waiting for video" in the 
middle.  Then the music starts playing.

And the internal player is described at (scroll 
down to "adding a file type" section.

But the same version of SM (1.1.17) did not insist on playing MP3s 
internally on my desktop before I reloaded all the software, and it doesn't 
on a similarly set-up notebook.

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