In rebuilding after C: drive crash (FYI: three times in 25 year ain't bad, 
I suppose, twice caused by misbehaving software, once by lightning strike), 
SM 1.1.17 (Win XP) is "misbehaving," in that it insists on opening online 
WAV and MP3 audio files and mpg/mpeg video files "internally," rather than 
using Windows Media Player, which is my default app for all video & audio 

Before the rebuild, it properly invoked WMP for those filetypes, as does 
the same version of SM on my similarly set-up notebook computer.

Why the difference?  My notebook shows those three file types in helper 
apps with the selection "open it using the default application" (which is 
WMP), but if I try to install them in the new PC install in helper apps, I 
get "Warning: SM can handle this type internally..."  

The MozillaZine Knowledge Base says (or at least implies), that only very 
basic filetypes (standard web graphics formats and text files) are handled 
inernally [discussing adding new MIME types in Helper Apps]:  
   The actions you add will not affect MIME types that are handled 
internally, which include certain MIME types such as image/jpeg or 
text/plain [3] and all MIME types that are handled by plugins [4]. Before 
adding a new action for such MIME types, a Warning dialog similar to the 
following will be displayed:  [the warning about handling this type 

Any suggestions on how I can force SM to use WMP for those audio/video file 
                Dick Baker
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