On 08/21/09 06:51, Arnie Goetchius wrote:
> On my Dell Latitude, I have the following situation:
> Under the Name pane where I see Inbox, Sent, Newsgroups, etc, I also see 
> the following list of files which appear to be a part of the Seamonkey 
> installation:
> + Chrome
> + Components
> + Defaults
>     |
>     |
>     |
> + Setup.GRE
> + Uninstall
> Can I delete all of these or are they functional? If functional, is 
> there a way to hide them?
> This only occurs on my Dell Latitude Laptop(s), not on my Desktop computers.

Hmmmm. I've never seen these in my folder panes over the years. I
have to wonder if your profile is corrupted somehow. Can you create
a new "test" profile and see if it happens there?

Note that if you set up an e-mail account to your current service,
you'll probably want to instruct it to not download any messages,
since this is not your live profile.
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