Arnie Goetchius wrote:
Daniel wrote:
Arnie Goetchius wrote:
On my Dell Latitude, I have the following situation:

Under the Name pane where I see Inbox, Sent, Newsgroups, etc, I also see the following list of files which appear to be a part of the Seamonkey installation:

+ Chrome
+ Components
+ Defaults
+ Setup.GRE
+ Uninstall

Can I delete all of these or are they functional? If functional, is there a way to hide them?

This only occurs on my Dell Latitude Laptop(s), not on my Desktop computers.

Arnie, I see the others have given you a work around for your problem, but just so you know what happened......well what I reckon what happened anyway.

When you set up a new profile, SM asks you where to install the profile and then installs it to a folder below where you tell it (you have to read the small print, just *under* the box where you enter where you want the profile to be), i.e. you might tell SM to install it profile into D:\Personal\Internet\Profile and SM will install it to D:\Personal\Internet\Profile\er6678f5.slt.

If you then copied over an old profile to where you wanted the profile to be, you will be mixing it up with the files/folder one level higher in the other profile.

When you start up SM, to the profile you just copied over, you will also see the other folders/files that are at the wrong level.

Does this make sense?

It does make sense. That may have been what happened. Thanks for your insight.


Arnie, I´ll give you one guess why I think the above is whats happened!!

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