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Mark Hansen wrote:
On 08/21/09 08:38, Arnie Goetchius wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 08/21/09 06:51, Arnie Goetchius wrote:
On my Dell Latitude, I have the following situation:

Under the Name pane where I see Inbox, Sent, Newsgroups, etc, I also see the following list of files which appear to be a part of the Seamonkey installation:

+ Chrome
+ Components
+ Defaults
+ Setup.GRE
+ Uninstall

Can I delete all of these or are they functional? If functional, is there a way to hide them?

This only occurs on my Dell Latitude Laptop(s), not on my Desktop computers.
Hmmmm. I've never seen these in my folder panes over the years. I
have to wonder if your profile is corrupted somehow. Can you create
a new "test" profile and see if it happens there?

Note that if you set up an e-mail account to your current service,
you'll probably want to instruct it to not download any messages,
since this is not your live profile.
OK, I set up a "Test" profile and did not download any messages and it works as you would expect, ie. no files listed in the folder pane. I plan to delete the "default" profile and start over.

You can copy of lot of your information from your original profile to
the new one, so you don't have to lose everything. There are HowTo
articles available that explain how to do this, but I don't remember
where they are. Perhaps another kind sole will offer up a link or

Best Regards,
I have seen this in a corrupt profile with seamonkey closed I just delete the items from the profile folder.
why it happened to you I do not know but my backup utility did it for me

Thanks for mentioning the backup issue. I restored from one computer to the laptop using a Stompsoft 6.0 backup/restore. I'll try deleting the items first to see if that works.
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