Daniel wrote:
Arnie Goetchius wrote:
On my Dell Latitude, I have the following situation:

Under the Name pane where I see Inbox, Sent, Newsgroups, etc, I also see the following list of files which appear to be a part of the Seamonkey installation:

+ Chrome
+ Components
+ Defaults
+ Setup.GRE
+ Uninstall

Can I delete all of these or are they functional? If functional, is there a way to hide them?

This only occurs on my Dell Latitude Laptop(s), not on my Desktop computers.

Arnie, I see the others have given you a work around for your problem, but just so you know what happened......well what I reckon what happened anyway.

When you set up a new profile, SM asks you where to install the profile and then installs it to a folder below where you tell it (you have to read the small print, just *under* the box where you enter where you want the profile to be), i.e. you might tell SM to install it profile into D:\Personal\Internet\Profile and SM will install it to D:\Personal\Internet\Profile\er6678f5.slt.

If you then copied over an old profile to where you wanted the profile to be, you will be mixing it up with the files/folder one level higher in the other profile.

When you start up SM, to the profile you just copied over, you will also see the other folders/files that are at the wrong level.

Does this make sense?

It does make sense. That may have been what happened. Thanks for your insight.


So you may be expecting your inbox to be at D:\Personal\Internet\Profile\inbox
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