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Lionel, firstly, when you delete the program, that´s all you are doing, deleting the program. Unless your daughter has done something really silly, the profile will be untouched by deleting and re-installing the program.

Second thing, close SeaMonkey, including the ¨Quick Start¨ facility down in the bottom right (if she uses it). Now give the three finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del). Does SeaMonkey show up in the list of running applications?? If so, End Task on it.

Note that if you have a lot of mailboxes and/or accounts, it may take a minute for SeaMonkey to shut down. I have my copy set to empty all trashes and clear the cache on close, and if I've done a lot of deleting and browsing, it can take up to three minutes to accomplish that. So watch the app's memory and CPU usage in Task Manager, and if the memory is steady and CPU is zero, then you're justified in forcing it to close. But if the CPU is nonzero and the memory is gradually declining, that's part of a normal shutdown process and you should let it complete.

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