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Yes - my ISP ( doesn't know what "unlimited" means....

"Dear Valued Customer,

We are writing you concerning your internet usage. While our service is unlimited, we have a system safeguard that does trigger an interruption to any account that hits a certain amount of hours each month.

Our service is for residential use only, not available for business purposes or as a dedicated service. We ask that you please do not use our service as a dedicated connection. We consider any connection of 8-10 hours or more a day to be a dedicated connection. Unfortunately, we are unable to support anymore than this. Please disconnect when you are not using the internet.

Your current usage as of 08/26/2009 is 234 hours.

Less than a third of the 720 hours in a 30-day month, an average of less than eight hours a day.

I note that they take a minimally threatening tone, the way I would address a neighbor who puts out garbage every day of the week even though we only have two pickup days.

It /is/ reasonable for them to ask you to be courteous and disconnect when you're not using the service. It's /not/ reasonable for them to sell an "unlimited" service and then impose limits. That's called "bait and switch."

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