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I use SeaMonkey 1.1.17 on a MacBook Air with OSX 10.5.8.
I want to upgrade to Snow Leopard but am afraid that SeaMonkey wont
work. Are there known compatibility issues?
Thanks! :)

With SeaMonkey? Seems not. See below.

I have a late 2007 20" iMac, 2.0 GHz Intel C2D, OS 10.5.8, SeaMonkey
Installed Apple-supplied OS 10.6, right over my 10.5.8, and an hour
later, all was well...
SeaMonkey works like a champ! So does everything else!
Any other questions, please ask. So far, all is well here in SL-land!


Wow! that's great, Keith!
I've read that users had a lot of problems with firefox so I just
expected it would be even worse with SM, as there are fewer SM users
(at least that's what I assume). I appreciate your feedback. So, did
you install Snow Leopard and then reinstall SM 1.1.17 or did the new
mac OS permit you to use your already installed SM version?


I didn't protect SeaMonkey in any way.
Nor did I remove any of the previous OS. I backed up my internal HD first, then installed SL direct from the DVD Apple sent me. When SuperDuper! 2.6 finished backing up, I tried to boot from the external Backup Drive, as I've done in the past. I had originally intended to install SL on it, and use it instead of the internal drive for a while, to see how SL behaved. Sort of saving my iMac's internal drive "just in case" something weird happened.

However, a warning screen showed up, saying I could not install SL on the Backup drive, because it "doesn't use the GUID partition table scheme." This is something new to me...

That threw me a bit, so with little other obvious choice I decided to install 10.6 on my internal drive, right smack on top of 10.5.8, and take a chance they'd get along without fighting!

In sum, it installed very well, no glitches, and after the OS was installed, I started up my previously installed SeaMonkey 1.1.17 and it acted like nothing had happened at all!

Good luck. I do like Snow Leopard so far. It's crisper acting, and I've had no problems at all. And, BTW, for those uaing the older MS Office 2004, I utilized Power Point yesterday to view an old photography .pps site, and it worked flawlessly! Under 10.5.8, PP had been a bit spastic and not always responding in the manner I expected. Yesterday, no problem at all.

So far, so good!
Today I'll open up Firefox 3.5.2 and see how IT gets along with SL!


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