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In sum, it installed very well, no glitches, and after the OS was
installed, I started up my previously installed SeaMonkey 1.1.17
and it acted like nothing had happened at all!

Good luck. I do like Snow Leopard so far. It's crisper acting, and
I've had no problems at all. And, BTW, for those uaing the older MS
Office 2004, I utilized Power Point yesterday to view an old
photography .pps site, and it worked flawlessly! Under 10.5.8, PP
had been a bit spastic and not always responding in the manner I
expected. Yesterday, no problem at all.

So far, so good! Today I'll open up Firefox 3.5.2 and see how IT
gets along with SL!


Keith, did you include the optional Rosetta as part of your SL
install? Bill

To answer your question 1st and THEN elaborate, no I didn't.
I wasn't aware that Rosetta was an optional install. Nothing I read
informed me of such.
During installation, is SL supposed to or reported to offer you that
choice? If so, I didn't see that option. I stayed near the monitor as SL
was loading, but definitely didn't read every screen that showed up.
If I was offered that option, it must have been for a short time, and
proceeded without my intervention.

So far, only two things of interest have happened during my SL
installation and immediately subsequent:

Right after installing SL, I tried to access my Canon printer, and all
that showed up was my Brother fax/copy machine.
A minute or two of dialog about looking for another printer driver was
all it took. It (the OS?) immediately selected the appropriate Canon
driver, and it all worked after that.

Last glitch was, I turned on my Epson scanner and was told I couldn't
scan with my setup (I paraphrase wildly!)
Anyhow, I was asked if I wanted the system (?) to go get Rosetta and
install it, preparatory to scanning.
I said yes and it DID. Immediately!
I was impressed. I proceeded to scan without any further annoyances.

Subsequent to that, I've had no problems of any kind!

Does that answer your question?


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