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On 9/12/2009 12:17 PM PT, Jim typed:

Don't know if anyone has discussed this before.

With the increased reliance on web ads for revenue, sites are cramming
more and more ads on their web sites.  Most of the news sites I go to
have their ads hosted by webservers other than their own.  Sometimes,
some of these sites are slow -- or don't serve up the ads at all (even
our beloved doubleclick sometimes) resulting in the final news page
taking for ever to load.

There was one local news site requiring a completed reload of every ad
for each slide in a slideshow.  Even had a Shockwave video loading each
time (and that was of the lower portion of these screen).  Now who is
going to scroll down off a slide in the slide show to watch a video?

Sheesh -- what are they thinking?

Where's the beef?
Here it is!!!

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