On or about 9/12/2009 3:17 PM, Jim typed the following:
> Don't know if anyone has discussed this before.
> With the increased reliance on web ads for revenue, sites are cramming
> more and more ads on their web sites.  Most of the news sites I go to
> have their ads hosted by webservers other than their own.  Sometimes,
> some of these sites are slow -- or don't serve up the ads at all (even
> our beloved doubleclick sometimes) resulting in the final news page
> taking for ever to load.
> There was one local news site requiring a completed reload of every ad
> for each slide in a slideshow.  Even had a Shockwave video loading each
> time (and that was of the lower portion of these screen).  Now who is
> going to scroll down off a slide in the slide show to watch a video?
> Sheesh -- what are they thinking?
> Where's the beef?
> Here it is!!!

you could add these sites to your host file and direct the request off
to no-man's land.  Works fine except for those sites that depend on you
actually seeing the ads. Check it out at:



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