Mark Hansen wrote:
On 09/16/09 12:45, JeffM wrote:
Mozilla-compliant browsers work very well rendering HTML.
Again:  Rendering NON-HTML is NOT their job.

Good grief. Why, then, do you think Gecko-based browsers are
in the market? Many, many web sites do not have good HTML.

Perhaps the foundation should take the browsers off the market
until all the site developers get their act together and start
writing good HTML code?

The fact is that if you want to be a browser in today's web,
you need to be able to work in today's web.

Stop the war, please :-)

I think, that i have found why using
putting london
in the zone and clicking [Ok]
show the map with my SM
and ... did not show the map with IE8.
I have seen in IE8 - Tools - Internet Options - Security - Custom Level
under "Miscellaneous" .. a lot of allowance are disabled.
Because i did not understand all this stuff .. i will not try ...allowing .... because i did not know which one :-)
I hope that when SM2 will be installed on my pc, that this site will continue to work as before with 1.1.14.
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