On 2009-09-18, NoOp <gl...@sbcglobal.net.invalid> wrote:
> In 1.1.18 if I 'Copy Image' and paste to OOo I get the image. That of
> course includes the underlying URL to the photo (in this case I used the
> second image to the right of Mohamad Ali) If I paste to gedit I get only
> the url as gedit only handles text. The link pasted (in this case) is:
> If I repeat the above with 2.0x the image is copied as a bitmap in OOo
> and the link is not available to copy into gedit. If I use Copy Link
> Location in 2.0x the url ends up as:
> And that link is considerably different than the one used in 1.1.18
> 'Copy Image'. It does however, match the url provided in 'Copy Link
> Location' in 1.1.18.
> So again, my apologies. I'll update my comments on the bug report.

Yes, that is now completely correct and describes exactly what I was trying
to communicate.

Thanks for the comments in the bugzilla article, I see that meanwhile
someone else has left a draft for a correction there which looks very
promising.  I'll have a try if I can patch my installed version in this way.

Jochen Roderburg

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