Lee wrote:
aoblack wrote:
I also am having the same problem, and it started when I upgraded from
seamonkey 1.1.17 to 1.1.18
AO Black

 >>> Ken Rudolph wrote:
 >>>> Using Seamonkey 1.1.18, W-XP, when I try to use the "What's on your
>>>> mind" box on Facebook (but not the "comment" box where it works fine),
 >>>> the box doesn't take any typing.  Instead the page skips down a few
>>>> lines, but no typing appears. This doesn't happen with Firefox. And
 >>>> if I click on the IE tab add-on to SM it also doesn't happen, no
>>>> problems with typing entry in either browser. This has only started
 >>>> happening the past couple of days.  Any fix for this? Anybody else
 >>>> having this problem?

Same here, using Vista and 1.1.118 SeaMonkey.

Lee (in Florida)

This was discussed last week in this forum. This solution was offered...and it worked for me:

Try spoofing as Firefox. Create a string preference (on the <about:config> page), for example:


with value of:


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