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I recently upgraded my newer PC to SeaMonkey 1.1.18. My older PC runs an older version of SM. Both have Windows XP. Since upgrading to 1.1.18, I have a problem which I have definitely isolated to the newest SM. When I print from any SM source now, I get print overruns at the top and left margins, even when the margins are set at 1". The HP 8250 printer works well with my older PC on the same SM source material. The printing on the newer PC is fine with Firefox and with Internet Explorer. So, the problem seems to be only with SM 1.1.18. Deleting and re-installing the latest HP software did not help., and HP support is at a loss as to a solution. I do wish to continue with SeaMonkey.

Has this been reported before? Is anyone aware of a solution to this vexing problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mort Linder

I have a slight PC problem. I sent this message, and my e-mail URL is m...@cloud9.net


Mort Linder

Mort, two things..

1. I think "u...@domain.invalid" is SeaMonkeys default address, which means multiple people can use it, which can lead to confusion not knowing which "u...@domain.invalid" we're talking to. Can you give yourself a more personal address in your Mozilla Newsgroup news account. Thanks.

2. Have you set SM up to print to the correct paper size. Now having suggested this, I cannot find where SM allows you to set the paper size, so does it just use the system default?? Mort, if you print out a couple of page document from Word, or whatever, does it print out o.k.??

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.

As for 1., my replies usually include my proper URL, but occasionally it gives the invalid bit instead. GOK why.

Regarding 2., I've been involved with many e-mails with HP support. I can briefly summarize:

On my older PC with XP and older SeaMonkey, this printer (HP 8250) works fine. On my newer PC with XP Pro and older SM, it used to work fine. Since I recently upgraded to SM 1.1.18, I have the top and left margins problem, but only on SM-sourced items. Photos from my H.D. or SD cards are fine, Word is fine, but e-mails and internet items all print with overrun at the top and left margins. My margin settings are 0.5 inches, but changing to 1" does not help. Scaling down to 80% or even 60% gives smaller text but still with margin problems. Paper size is correct as set = 8.5 x 11" letter size. Printing identical items from Internet Explorer or Firefox is fine.

The inescapable conclusion of HP support and me, is that there is a problem between SM 1.1.18 and the printer. I do not know if this is an SM bug, or is unique to my situation. In any event, it is very frustrating,and any help toward a solution will be greatly appreciated.

(I do not wish to buy a new printer, as this one is otherwise fine, ad I have a big bag full of ink cartridges for this printer. In addition,the same problem could possibly continue with a new printer.)

Thanks again,

P.S. I tried changing my registered e-mail URL in this group. I hope that it now works.
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