JeffM wrote:
mort wrote:
[Massive trim of blockquoting]

Blockquoting 4-deep is TERRIBLE form.
Anything you are not referring to *directly*, you should trim.

P.S. I tried changing my registered e-mail URL in this group.
I hope that it now works.

Your username and your email address are on separate lines
because they are different things.
Just use some form of your name as your username
--not something with an @ in it.
Otherwise, it looks like crap in the archive of the group:


I am innocent of your charge, sir. My PC had Vista, which was awful, and a so-called computer tech replaced it with XP Pro, thereby lousing up my e-mails, newsgroups, address book, etc.. I am trying to fix things one at a time.

On my Mozilla newsgroup account, my user name is "Mort" and my e-mail URL is "". I never intentionally used a user name with an @ in it. My PC occasionally send messages to newsgroups with the invalid return address instead of my URL. Ask Bill gates why.

Mort Linder
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