Ivan wrote:
I have a different problem with printing from Seamonkey: For several
versions, now (I'm now on 1.1.18), Web pages and e-mails do not print
out properly from this program, on either my Canon or HP printer.
Instead of the whole page, pritning occurs only in the middle third of
the  upper half of the page (as if it had become a three-column page
with print only in the top half of the middle column) and my HP
printer prints only one one side of the paper though it's set to print
on both sides. As a result, documents supposed to print as four pages
(two double-sided sheets)  print on eight single-sided sheets. Print
Preview accurately shows how the page will print. Page Setup shows
margins as 0.5" all around

I do not have this problem with any other programs, including Firefox
and Thunderbird.

Is there a fix for this?
If there is no fix, since it is mainly Web pages I print out, can I
disable the browser portion of Seamonkey and retain the e-mail client?
Or can I remove and reinstall SeaMonkey without losing my  e-mail

Dear Ivan,
I don't know how it is with OS/2 and the rest of your problems, but I have an Epson printer with two 2 gutenprint-ijs drivers, if you have the /recommended/ one and another one, you might try to other one, it is just a guess.

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