On 09/28/09 15:08, DoctorBill wrote:
> Mark Hansen wrote:
>> On 09/27/09 17:59, DoctorBill wrote:
>>> Three questions:
>>> 1.  I have Dial-Up.
>>> It take a long time to get connected.
>>> The SM 1.1 browser throws up this message window.
>>>    2147942487
>> Looks like you asked this before:
>> <http://lmgtfy.com/?q=%22ALERT+2147942487%22>
>>> It then takes two tries to get rid of it - unless I load
>>> another web site - then it "X's" out immediately.
>>> Why ?
>>> 2.   as an aside - do I dump all the News headers by erasing the .msf file ?
>>> i.e. to start over....?
>>> 3.  I can get "wireless" here in my country town 20 miles from the "big 
>>> city".
>>> Is wireless essentially readable by anybody here with wireless?
>>> i.e. no privacy (Bank, Stock Trading, etc) ?
>> That depends on the wireless. To make the communication secure, they
>> can encrypt it. You can ask them if they provide this. When the
>> communication is encrypted, it is much harder for anyone to read
>> it (not impossible, but depending on the level of encryption used,
>> the odds can be astronomical).
>> Best Regards,
> "Looks like you asked this before"
> Lord!  You're right !
> I guess my old mind is going....I forgot about that.
> I dumped my .msf file and couldn't do a search.

Well ... there's always Google :-) That's what I used.

> Sorry about that.

No problem. Did that thread resolve your problem? It seemed like
it got to the point where you were asked to try a test profile,
but then it stopped.

Also, someone mentioned (in that thread) that using a test profile
would eliminate any extensions, as they wouldn't be involved in
the test profile. I just wanted to point out that some extensions
are (or can be) installed in the program directory rather than in
the profile, and so could still be involved even in a new profile.

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