Mark Hansen wrote:
On 09/28/09 15:08, DoctorBill wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 09/27/09 17:59, DoctorBill wrote:
Three questions:

1.  I have Dial-Up.

It take a long time to get connected.

The SM 1.1 browser throws up this message window.

Looks like you asked this before:


It then takes two tries to get rid of it - unless I load
another web site - then it "X's" out immediately.

Why ?

2.   as an aside - do I dump all the News headers by erasing the .msf file ?
i.e. to start over....?

3. I can get "wireless" here in my country town 20 miles from the "big city".

Is wireless essentially readable by anybody here with wireless?
i.e. no privacy (Bank, Stock Trading, etc) ?
That depends on the wireless. To make the communication secure, they
can encrypt it. You can ask them if they provide this. When the
communication is encrypted, it is much harder for anyone to read
it (not impossible, but depending on the level of encryption used,
the odds can be astronomical).

Best Regards,
"Looks like you asked this before"

Lord!  You're right !

I guess my old mind is going....I forgot about that.

I dumped my .msf file and couldn't do a search.

Well ... there's always Google :-) That's what I used.

Sorry about that.

No problem. Did that thread resolve your problem? It seemed like
it got to the point where you were asked to try a test profile,
but then it stopped.

Also, someone mentioned (in that thread) that using a test profile
would eliminate any extensions, as they wouldn't be involved in
the test profile. I just wanted to point out that some extensions
are (or can be) installed in the program directory rather than in
the profile, and so could still be involved even in a new profile.

Indeed. This can easily be overlooked.

John Doue
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