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> Thomas Peters wrote:
> > Russell Cameraman wrote, on 2009-10-06 19:06:
> >> whenever I open my Sea Monkey Mail&  Newsgroups I have to type in my
> >> password for each account. It is a secure way to keep my e-mail
> >> messages private BUT, is there a way to have thesepasswordssaved so
> >> I don't have to type them in?
> > Check "Preferences -> Privacy&Security ->Passwords-> Remember
> >passwords". But you will probably also want set a master password so
> > that yourpasswordsare stored encrypted on your hard disk (Preferences
> > -> Privacy&Security -> MasterPasswords).
> > Cheers
> > Tom.
> I may be way off target here, but didn't I see here that someone had set
> things up as you suggest, i.e. with a Master Password, but then had to
> enter the Master Password each time he accessed one of his other
> accounts, so instead of getting a request for the accounts password, he
> got a request for the Master Password so that the accounts password
> could be accessed?? They were asking how to stop this happen and was
> advised to remove the Master Password.
> Something like that, anyway.
> Daniel

Thanks for your reply,

I found that I had to open the configuration in Sea Monkey by putting
"about:config" in the address bar and hit the "Enter" key. Scroll and
look for, I believe it was mail.identity.id2.valid;false and change it
to true. The default setting was "false".
When I re-opened Sea Monkey to Mail & Newsgroups just below where you
enter your password was a box you can check to remember your password.
That option was not there.

Russell Cameraman
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