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Thomas Peters wrote:
Check "Preferences -> Privacy&Security -> Passwords -> Remember passwords". But you will probably also want set a master password so that your passwords are stored encrypted on your hard disk (Preferences -> Privacy&Security -> Master Passwords).

I may be way off target here, but didn't I see here that someone had set things up as you suggest, i.e. with a Master Password, but then had to enter the Master Password each time he accessed one of his other accounts, so instead of getting a request for the accounts password, he got a request for the Master Password so that the accounts password could be accessed?? They were asking how to stop this happen and was advised to remove the Master Password.

The issue was that SM 2 pre-release versions (including betas) asked for the Master Password per account that was set to be checked on startup and that those prompts appeared all at the same time at startup. This has been fixed with today's nightlies (bug 381269) and thus in time for 2.0 RCs and final by prompting for the Master Password only once at startup if one is set, unless the new signon.startup.prompt pref is set to false. It's really just a workaround, though: canceling the prompt will return to the old behavior. A real fix is not expected before SM 2.1.



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