On 10/07/2009 02:39 PM, Jens Hatlak wrote:
> On 10/7/2009 1:04 PM Daniel wrote:
>> I may be way off target here, but didn't I see here that someone had set 
>> things up as you suggest, i.e. with a Master Password, but then had to 
>> enter the Master Password each time he accessed one of his other 
>> accounts, so instead of getting a request for the accounts password, he 
>> got a request for the Master Password so that the accounts password 
>> could be accessed?? They were asking how to stop this happen and was 
>> advised to remove the Master Password.
> The issue was that SM 2 pre-release versions (including betas) asked for 
> the Master Password per account that was set to be checked on startup 
> and that those prompts appeared all at the same time at startup. This 
> has been fixed with today's nightlies (bug 381269) and thus in time for 
> 2.0 RCs and final by prompting for the Master Password only once at 
> startup if one is set, unless the new signon.startup.prompt pref is set 
> to false. It's really just a workaround, though: canceling the prompt 
> will return to the old behavior. A real fix is not expected before SM 2.1.
> Jens

And *thanks* so much for your work in providing the interim solution
Jens! For folks/users in the group; Jens provide the interim
solution/workaround here:

[Multiple simultaneous master password prompts when checking multiple
imap accounts on startup]

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