Bob Fleischer wrote:
The online banking application I use works in SeaMonkey 1.1.18 and in Firefox 3.5, but doesn't work (at least not the "bill payer" page) in 2.0 RC1 (it didn't work in the betas either, but I thought I saw a report from somebody else that sounded like the same thing, but probably a different site, so I didn't report it).

Same here.

Somebody else trying the page might be tricky since one needs to have an account and login to see these pages.

This site is probably used by more than just my credit union.

Actually, no. Much of it is custom built for "our" credit union.

The first page displayed by this app for me works and displays URL

If I choose the "bill Payer" button, which displays URL , I do not get the bill player page, but something else.

Billpayer is actually run from another server, so it probably is not going to support newer browers.

If I open the link in a new tab or window, it displays the correct page and is functional (so I can do my banking that way). That page displays URL

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