On 10/13/09 09:54, Bob Fleischer wrote:
> Robert Kaiser wrote:
>> Bob Fleischer wrote:
>>> The point is that this site works in both the latest Firefox (3.5.x) and
>>> the latest V1 Seamonkey (1.1.18), but doesn't work in RC1 (or the
>>> betas), and changing the User Agent string doesn't change things.
>> Which is _very_ strange as we ship exactly the same browser core (Gecko)
>> as Firefox 3.5.4 - could you test with their candidate for that release?
>> http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/3.5.4-candidates/build1/
>> Robert Kaiser
> I'm not quite ready to say "nevermind", because I am still seeing this 
> same behavior (and same difference from Firefox 3.5) on my production 
> system, but on a "virgin" Windows 7 RTM installing the latest Seamonkey 
> RC1 and the Firefox 3.5.4 link above -- both work fine from my banking 
> site, no apparent problems or differences.
> So there is something peculiar about my main, everyday system that 
> breaks this app on RC1.  How would I go about investigating this.

Did you already try with a freshly-created profile?

> Rick, did you say you saw the same problem?
> Bob
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