Bob Fleischer wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:
On 10/13/09 09:54, Bob Fleischer wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Bob Fleischer wrote:
The point is that this site works in both the latest Firefox
(3.5.x) and
the latest V1 Seamonkey (1.1.18), but doesn't work in RC1 (or the
betas), and changing the User Agent string doesn't change things.

Which is _very_ strange as we ship exactly the same browser core
as Firefox 3.5.4 - could you test with their candidate for that

Robert Kaiser

I'm not quite ready to say "nevermind", because I am still seeing this
same behavior (and same difference from Firefox 3.5) on my production
system, but on a "virgin" Windows 7 RTM installing the latest Seamonkey
RC1 and the Firefox 3.5.4 link above -- both work fine from my banking
site, no apparent problems or differences.

So there is something peculiar about my main, everyday system that
breaks this app on RC1. How would I go about investigating this.

Did you already try with a freshly-created profile?

Rick, did you say you saw the same problem?


[Sorry that I first posted this reply to the wrong message.]

Well, I found that the visible difference between my production profile
and the virgin test profile is that I had "allow cookies for the
originating website only" on the production system (the one that
failed). I confirmed that setting this on the virgin system caused that
site to fail, also. I confirmed that changing the setting to "allow all
cookies" fixed my production seamonkey rc1 profile, too. So, is the case

However, just out of curiosity, I uninstalled Seamonkey 2 RC1 from the
virgin test system and installed Seamonkey 1.1.18 and found that the
banking web site works properly with either setting of "allow cookies..."!

Also, why does this setting make a difference between clicking a link to
open in the same window vs. opening in a separate tab or window (which
worked in SM 2 RC1 all along)?

So, I'm happy, but I do indeed wonder why this setting makes no
difference in the website behavior in SM 1.1.18, but obviously does in
SM 2 RC1.

(I could find no corresponding cookie setting in Firefox, so I couldn't
try this change in Firefox.)


I finally figured out how to get Firefox to "allow cookies for the originating website only" (bizarre user interface!) and setting that setting for Firefox 3.5.4 causes the same problem with the banking web site -- but I can confirm this does NOT happen with Seamonkey 1.1.18. Has the definition of "allow cookies for the originating website only" changed since 1.1?

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