Ken Rudolph wrote:

What's the difference between this and the actual release? Since I'm not a techie, I chose not to be a beta tester; but I've been waiting for the actual release, which I had heard was happening "in a week or so". Apparently this still isn't the official release version?

This is the first version that could technically become official. Until then it's basically just another beta. Although we have hardened users that test nightly builds which hopefully finds most of the major bugs, it's only when we let all the beta testers loose on the release candidate that we discover how reliable it actually is. After a week or so, we'll decide whether or not it's ready; if it's not, we fix, or more likely work around, as many bugs as we can and release another candidate and repeat the process. Eventually (hopefully we run out of bugs before we get bored of fixing them) we decide to make the latest candidate the official released version. Any subsequent major bugs will then have to wait for 2.0.1.

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