Robert Kaiser wrote:
Ken Rudolph wrote:
What's the difference between this and the actual release?

Only a few last-minute bugs fixes, which are hopefully very small and fix
things that users report with the RC1.

Robert Kaiser

Hopefully that will include the Address Book opening problem I still have with
RC1?  :)   The personal address book is selected, but won't open when I select
the Address Book from the tool bar.

This is my earlier message about it and Jens reply below:

I should have said "when I am composing a message"... the following

When I click the "Address" icon on the toolbar, the address book opens to
two "blank" fields.  I have to click to open the drop down menu with
"Personal Address Book" and "Collected Addresses"; then click to select
my "Personal Address Book", to get the names in my address book to

In previous versions of SM, my addresses would be displayed when I
clicked on the toolbar icon for "Address", because the "Personal Address
Book" is *already* selected.

In this case it was an obvious (JavaScript Debugger FTW) oversight so chances
are the fix will still make 2.0.



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