With patience akin to a cat's, Jens Hatlak, on 10/17/2009 3:39 PM typed:
D. K. Kraft wrote:
A) Password manager multiple requests -- I currently use a Master
Password with SM 1.1.18, set for "If it has not been used for [10]
minutes or longer," and it works as expected, with necessary requests
being made within those parameters for needed passwords on a web page
or for mail access.  SM 2.0RC1 makes what appear to be random
requests that have nothing to do with actually supplying a password,
including a request at start-up of only the browser, and it doesn't
appear to honor the above timeout settings.  This is becoming *very*
annoying, and from a scan of Bugzilla, there still is no fix in the

Unfortunately the real solution was not ready in time for SM 2.0 (it
depends on code shared with Thunderbird and Firefox and requires some
knowledge, thinking and testing to get it right).

Well, I thought maybe this was the case, although some other users I know
will consider the current behavior a showstopper for 2.0.  Me, I just
mutter to myself a lot... ;-)  I do know I'll have to wait for the fix
before migrating my parents to SM 2.0, as the little box popping up more
frequently will have them in a tizzy.  They don't do change very well...

The Master Password prompt at startup, which can be disabled by setting the
signon.startup.prompt pref to false, is meant as an interim solution for
those who setup a Master Password (no prompt appears for those who
didn't setup one). It works quite well if you don't let it expire. If
you do the underlying problem (multiple simultaneous login prompts) may
be exposed again. I didn't check; for now I can only suggest to not let
it expire if you otherwise get into trouble.

If by expire, you mean the timeout setting mentioned above?  While waiting
on the fix to be worked out, I certainly could go back to using the Master
Password setting of "The first time it is needed" instead of the timeout.
I was using the latter after having read in the MozillaZine forums
(somewhere, its origin escapes me now) that using the timeout option
offered a bit more security overall, in that your passwords weren't always
automatically being filled in after you initially enter your MP.


Yes, it did.  Thanks for taking the time to file down my frustration level
a little.  I'm in the process of building a new computer for my sister, who
lives in Sun Valley, and I'm trying to get as much software to an updated
point as possible.  Remote Access works, but coordinating update times with
her is complicated.

Thanks again for the feedback --
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