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SeaMonkey 2.0 Release Candidate 1 is now available for free download on
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discussing and reporting problems as well as further improving the product.

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Robert Kaiser
SeaMonkey project coordinator

Running 2.0RC1 on Win XP Pro SP3 with an import of my SM 1.1.18 profile, and
seeing the following for which I'd appreciate any info, especially if there's a
fix in the works for the more annoying behavior:

A) Password manager multiple requests -- I currently use a Master Password with
SM 1.1.18, set for "If it has not been used for [10] minutes or longer," and it
works as expected, with necessary requests being made within those parameters
for needed passwords on a web page or for mail access.  SM 2.0RC1 makes what
appear to be random requests that have nothing to do with actually supplying a
password, including a request at start-up of only the browser, and it doesn't
appear to honor the above timeout settings.  This is becoming *very* annoying,
and from a scan of Bugzilla, there still is no fix in the works.  What up w'
dat, peeps?

B) Offline and Disk Space setting -- although SM 2.0RC1 honors the setting to
"Ask me for online state at startup," it a) brings up a second dialog box after
clicking on either option, and has to be clicked on again to start the program
in either mode; and b) the dialog box is accompanied by the Default Beep sound
assigned by Win XP.  Regarding the latter, 1.1.18 doesn't do this, so I'm
wondering what the intrinsic change was with the shift to Toolkit that makes
this now the program behavior.  While certainly not critical, it does become a
bit annoying.  The former behavior (a) is definitely a bug, but I have not been
able to drill down in Bugzilla to find a listing (to be honest, it is VERY
DIFFICULT to find specific bugs these days through the system, and it is not all
intuitive, IMHO).

C) Mail and News default view -- in 1.1.18, mail/news starts up opened to my
default mail account Inbox folder in the left pane, showing the folder contents
in right pane.  2.0RC1 opens up to the main e-mail title in the left pane, thus
showing the general settings for e-mail and specific options for the account
(Email, Accounts, Advanced Features).  While the behavior of 2.0RC1 may be
beneficial if a user has multiple e-mail accounts, the behavior of 1.1.18 is
preferable if a user only has one account and one Inbox.  Is there a means to
modify 2.0RC1's behavior to be like 1.1.18's, or is this a reflection of the
shift to Toolkit and just something I'll have to put up with?  (And explain to
my elderly parents when I shift them over to 2.0, because anything that changes
on the computer gives them license to get bothered...)

As stated above, further info greatly appreciated on the described behavior, and
fix info, especially for (A), appreciated even more.

I used to want my MTV.  Now I just want all my usual Add-Ons for SM 2.0 --
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